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Tips, Tricks and How to Apply Different Look

Make Eyes Appear Larger With These Simple Makeup Tips

  • Curl Your Lashes - One of the easiest secrets to utilizing eye makeup routine to correctly make your eyes look larger is to curl your eyelashes. It’s important you curl your lashes BEFORE you apply the mascara! If you forget to do it before applying your dark mascara, be sure to wait until the mascara has dried completely and then go ahead and curl them. If you find throughout the day your lashes aren’t as curled as they were in the morning when you first applied your makeup, you can always re-curl them later in the day since your mascara will be very dry by then.

  • Apply Mascara on Your Bottom Lashes - Many women think they don’t need mascara on their bottom eye lashes. However, most makeup experts believe adding mascara to the lower lashes can help to enlarge their appearance. The trick is to know how much to use on those bottom lashes! Start by applying the mascara to the top lashes. Then, with whatever is left on your brush (without redipping it into the mascara formula), apply it to the lower lashes. Hold your brush vertically and sweep it back and forth over the lower lashes to get the right look.

  • False Lashes for Evening - If you want to go for a dramatic dark night time effect, you may want to try your hand at false lashes. Most celebrities do use false lashes for big events. If you know how to do the lash application properly, they can be beautiful and natural. Many larger department stores can help you learn how to apply lashes at one of their cosmetics and beauty products counters but they are also available at drugstores. Be sure to practice before your big event. You can also remember to use scissors to trim them (before applying them) if they are too long.
  • Use White Eye Liner in the Right Places - Another technique to use involves the creamy white eye liner pencil. This can help you get a doe-eyed style that will brighten and widen your eye appearance. To get this look, simply line the lower inside of your lids with the creamy white eye pencil. Make sure to use a soft pencil to lessen the irritation on your lid. You can find great liners from Loreal or Maybelline. To further brighten your eye area, use this soft color also on the inside corner of both the upper and lower lids.

  • Apply Highlight Eye Shadow - If you don’t like the idea of the white shade of liner, you can also use a platinum highlighter to open up the eye area. Simply apply your shadow as usual and then use the highlighter on small dots along your brow bone just below your eyebrow. Blend it in with the shadow in that area, apply it to the inner corners of the eyes and enjoy your new look.
  • Keep Eye Brows Plucked & Well Shaped - For larger appearing eyes, you must also pay attention to your brows. Be sure you manicure them well. It’s a great idea to visit a professional to get your brows waxed, tweezed or threaded. A pro can help you shape them properly. In between pro visits you can maintain them by tweezing. If you have a slight arch to your brows, you will find your eyes look larger.
  • Highlight Your Blue, Green, Brown or Hazel Eyes with the Right Eye Makeup Shades

    Just like the color of clothing or hair dye, not all colors of eye shadows look great on every person. People have various skin tones and eye colors, which can affect the way certain colors of makeup look on them. While a blue eyed beauty might not look great with orange eye shadow, a brown eyed girl could thrill in the same color. Take a look at these eye makeup tips according to your eye color to get perfect eye makeup, every time you apply it!

    Eye Makeup Shades For Blue Eyes

    If you want to play it safe with your eye makeup, blue eyed beauties can get great results using colors of gray, violet, deep blue or taupe. In fact, if you choose a blue slightly darker than your eye’s color, it will make your eyes appear even brighter. Be sure if you use bright colors like blue or violet that you do so sparingly. Too much blue on the eyelid will only make you look like an 80s rock princess. For those who do want to punch up their eye makeup risk factor, silver, turquoise and fuchsia can be great additions to the eye area.

    Eye Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

    Brown eyed girls who want to go for a classic look should stick metallic colors like bronze, copper or champagne and can also safely try browns, beige or khaki. If they want to add a little flair to their face, they can be bold and try tangerine, hot pink, lime or royal blue.

    Eye Makeup For Green/Hazel Eyes
    Those with mysterious green or hazel eyes can find flattering results when using a shade in colors like brown, apricot, purple, plum, khaki or pine green. These colors can brighten green or hazel eyes and are ideal for all times of the day. Those who seek a modern twist or who like to play it less than safe might want to go for colors of gold, lime or bright purple on the eyelid, however.

    Eye Makeup Shades that Work on All Eye Colors
    There are a few eye shadow makeup colors appropriate for any eye color. For a classic look, ladies of any eye color can try navy, charcoal, or silver. Silver can work to highlight the eye and brow areas and accentuate those who find their eyes are their best feature.

    Professional Eye Makeup Tips And Beauty Ideas
    Cosmetic experts are the first to say the key to a perfectly made-up face is all in how you apply the makeup products you choose. Remember these helpful tips when creating your new look!

    The 5 Minute Makeup Face


    Apply the Right Makeup Products Fast!

    Thousands of women forgo wearing makeup each day because they claim they just don’t have time to apply it. While a full face of makeup that might have been trendy in the 1980s may take you an hour to apply, today’s makeup is much different. The good news is, while everyone longs to look beautiful and fresh, today’s minimal makeup trends allow that to happen without too much fuss. Use these quick makeup beauty tips to learn how to apply makeup in just five minutes!

    Step 1: Foundation (or Just a Little Concealer) and Powder

    There aren’t too many shortcuts needed when it comes to foundation and powder because it’s basically all about blending. However, unless you need the full coverage of all-over foundation, skip the foundation all together. Simply use concealer on problem areas like under eyes, blemishes or other skin redness and set with powder.
    If you do like the coverage of your foundation, start with a foundation that matches the shade of your neck and blend it all over your face with your fingers, foundation brush or a sponge. Be sure you’ve blended it all in on your face and neck area. Be sure your moisturizer has completed soaked in before starting or you’ll end up with terrible results. Next, quickly take concealer and dab it on any blemishes you want to cover. After you’re happy with your blended look, set your face with loose powder.



    Step 2: Add Color with Blush and Bronzer
    After your skin tone is evened out and set with powder, it’s time to give it a little color. Learning how to apply blush and bronzer properly is a must for all women. The trick is, go light. It’s always easier to add a little more if you need it than it is to take some away if you’ve already overdone it. To ensure you look naturally flushed, try applying your blush by a window. This beauty lighting will allow to you to see what it’s going to look like in natural light (or basically what everyone else sees). Choose a light and rosy color and using a large blush brush; quickly sweep it across the apples of your cheeks.
    If you want to use bronzer, the same rules apply. Go light and sweep in on your face in the shape of a three (starting with the top of your forehead, moving around your eye area to your cheek and then back across your cheek to the bottom of your chin/jaw line).


    Step 3: Add a Sweep of Color and Highlight to Eyes

    After you’ve applied your foundation, powder and blush, you should be left with at least three minutes left, which is all you need to properly dress up your eyes and lips. Start by sweeping a light layer of neutral eye shadow on your entire lid. An eye highlighting powder just below the brow will give your eyes a little extra pick-me-up. You will more alert and awake too. Over the base layer of eye shadow, sweep a darker shade in your eye lid crease only.

    Be sure to choose neutral colors for daytime, as darker colors really do take longer to blend together and are most suitable for night wear. Blend the eye shadows together on your eye with a clean makeup brush, so you can’t tell where one begins and the next ends. If you have time, use a quick eyeliner pencil to make a thin line across your upper lash line. Be sure your line isn’t too thick or too bold in color. If you find it is, take a Q-Tip and lightly smudge it, to make it look more natural. Lastly, take ten seconds to curl your eye lashes with a curler and apply dark brown or black mascara.


    Step 4: Add a Splash of Color and Shine to Lips
    This step is fast and easy! To finish your look, be sure to sweep a light lip color across your lips. For daytime, it’s best to stick with tinted lip glosses or lip tints you can find from many brands like Clinique or Cover Girl. They may need to be reapplied more often than matte lipstick, but they look much more natural and up to date than heavy lip color.
    While the 5 minute makeup face focuses on actual cosmetics, the trick to always looking fresh and radiant is to start and end your day with a proper skin care routine. When you take care of your skin, you’ll realize you’ll need even less time to make up your face in the morning!