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Feel like something different for breakfast? Here are a couple of really quick and easy ways to ring the changes.

  • Grill soft eating apricots, stir into natural yoghurt and add some pumpkin seeds.
  • Top a slice of wholegrain toast with slices of ripe avo and a soft poached egg.
  • Roast halved ripe tomatoes with olive oil and thyme. Enjoy on rye.
  • Mix together chunks of sweet melon with granola and orange flower water.
  • Top mini flapjacks with a spoonful of chocolate spread and sprinkle with chopped walnuts and juicy, chopped-up fruits in season.
  • Pan-fry wood-smoked bacon until crispy and golden and serve on toasted crumpets with a dollop of creamed honey.

NOTE:AL JAZIRA sells ready-made flapjacks and pancakes that can be simply popped in the microwave.