For Over 50 years we have built businesses in various industries in the Middle East, we are proud of the progress we have achieved throughout the years.  With all the challenges in the business world we are throughly committed to providing people quality food along with non-food products sensibly picked from reputable local and international suppliers as we continue to expand. 

Today we continue the legacy of our forefathers, where they laid the blueprint for the future also strived for a hagiographic.  With eight operating Supermarkets around the Kingdom of Bahrain, we inherited employees whom have served for decades.  They are our assets in this ever growing business, in exchange we created an organic environment for our employees.  Our dedicated, experienced team continuously work together to deliver excellent customer service which supports the company vision.

Additionally we have been diversified in the line of demands of the customer, being the sole distributor of approximately Forty agencies which include premium and globally know brands. Our blueprint is to lead by example, just how our forefathers taught us. Working as a family is our brand identity, along with the customer friendly employees.


Abdul Hussein Khalil Dawani
Chairman of the Board