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Want a sizzling supper? Al Jazira’s' new range of sausages are a quick solution for a midweek dinner

They’re full of flavor and the perfect match for pasta in winter, or a fresh salad in summer. Simply pan-fry, grill or braai.

Serving suggestion

Heat 1 T olive oil in a pan over a medium to high heat.

Add 200 g sliced sausage and let it sizzle until fragrant and the edges begin to curl and color.

Add a punnet of cherry tomatoes and cook until blistered, then add 1 chopped fresh chili.

Toss with warm al dente rissoni, crumbled feta and fresh chopped flat-leaf parsley.

Golden chicken kievs with grapes and broad beans

Serve a handful of crisp, golden chicken kievs straight from the oven and allow the delicious oozing centers to mingle with pesto-dressed grapes and electric-green broad beans topped with a few delicate fennel fronds. Melt-in-the-middle chicken kievs (pesto or cheese flavor)

Sensationally simple zesty lemon cheesecake from Sara Lee

Tea time doesn't get easier... simply remove conveniently pre-cut slices of zesty lemon cheesecake from the freezer, allow to defrost and serve with a liberal dusting of powdery icing sugar.

A beautiful selection of ice creams and sorbets

For a truly impressive meal clincher!
Pour water into a large rectangular tray and freeze overnight.
When you’re ready to serve, place the base of the tray briefly in hot water to make it easier to remove the slab of ice, then top with a variety of flavored ice creams and sorbets and serve immediately.
Real Dairy ice cream, • Strawberry Swirl Soft Scoop ice cream, Extremely Creamy Belgian chocolate ice cream, • Mixed berry sorbet,

Prawns with garlic, chili, tomatoes, mozzarella and grilled Parma ham slices

What a delicious flavor and texture combination!
Place a pan over a medium to high heat and add 1 T olive oil and a small knob of butter.
When warm, add 800 g raw prawns, along with 3 cloves crushed garlic and 1 chopped chili and season to taste.
Fry briefly until opaque, then serve straight from the pan with blistered vine-ripened tomatoes, torn buffalo mozzarella and grilled Parma ham slices.
Raw medium peeled prawns

Deliciously sweet and crisp pea shoots

The young tendrils and leaves of the garden pea plant are the sweet and sexy ingredient du jour, available now

Pea shoots are harvested when they are just a few days old, when they are tender and bursting with flavor.

Choose shoots that include the top pair of small leaves (the tip), delicate tendrils attached to the young stem, and a few larger leaves.

Eat them hot or cold, in salads, stir fries and sandwiches, or lightly steamed with sprinkles of ginger and sugar.

They look so good that they'll pretty up any summer dish.

Sublime new honey-and-mustard cook-in sauce

Here are three ways with Al Jazira’s new honey-and-mustard cook-in sauce.
  • Pan-fry free-range chicken breasts in a hot pan until golden and tender. Warm through a packet of honey-and-mustard cook-in sauce and drizzle generously over the sliced, seared chicken. Serve on a bed of crisp seasonal greens.
  • Marinate a pork fillet in honey-and-mustard cook-in sauce. Place on a grill over smoldering coals and serve warm with salsas and lightly toasted wraps.
  • Add a packet of honey-and-mustard cook-in sauce to a saucepan and gently warm through. Spoon over fluffy baked potatoes with a good dollop of crème fraîche or smooth sour cream and enjoy.
Exciting new range of puddings at Al Jazira

Tired of the same old standard sweets? Look out for the inspired puds in Al Jazira’s exciting new range.
The bread and butter pudding is studded with raisins and drenched in silky custard and an apricot-jam glaze, while the steamed lemon pudding) is a fragrant lemon sponge in a zesty syrup.
The banoffee pud is another crowd-pleaser – a feather-light sponge soaked in a buttery sticky-toffee sauce and delicious served warm with a glug of custard.

Delicious new flavored yoghurts from Al Jazira

Three great new flavors of drinking yoghurt - and they're really good for you, too. The range of creamy, delicious yoghurts includes 300 ml drinking yoghurts: Low Fat Ayrshire Orange ; Low Fat Ayrshire ???; Low Fat Ayrshire Blackcurrant ?? 

Yummy, oven-ready potato wedges

Serve bowls of piping hot paprika dusted potato wedges as a side dish or even as a simply sensational snack.
The garlic and herb potato wedges are equally as tasty and all are wonderful with a garlic-mayo dip.

Yummy, quality mince on special at Al Jazira right now!

Whether you’re making Bolognese or burgers, you can rely on Al Jazira’s’ lean beef mince. We use selected cuts of expertly trimmed beef and carefully control the fat content so you know you’re getting less fat and tastier mince. Hygienically packed and sealed for longer-lasting freshness, its quality you can count on time after time.

The yummiest warm chocolate pudding ever

Al Jazira has a sublime new chocolate pudding in store. It's a moist and decadent chocolate sponge pudding, drenched in a creamy chocolate sauce. Serve with dollops of thick whipped cream, scoops of vanilla ice cream or hot custard. It can be heated in the microwave for 3 minutes or in the oven for 15 minutes. Yum!

Freeze-dried herbs from Al Jazira’s cooks' essential range

Tired of dashing out in search of one mere ingredient or ruining a meal with wilted herbs, past their best-before date? Then try Al Jazira’s’ range of freeze-dried herbs
Recipes often call for fresh herbs such as tarragon or thyme, dill, coriander or curry leaves – and more often than not you don’t have them at home.

Al Jazira’s range of Cook’s Essentials freeze-dried herbs is just the answer! In freeze drying, fresh herbs are rapidly frozen and the water extracted through a vacuum process in order to retain maximum flavor and color. Freeze-dried herbs are easily re-hydrated, and in a cooked dish, the vibrant color and flavor will delight even the most skeptical foodie.

Pop a pancake

These frozen pancakes are just as good as the ones mom used to make, but so much easier. Simply transfer straight from freezer to microwave and serve with fresh vanilla custard and spiced berries.

Healthy new lunchbox options from Al Jazira

Back to school and Al Jazira thinks outside the box when it comes to packing energy-sustaining lunches. We’re talking berry yoghurt smoothies (BD for 300 ml), moist carrot muffins (BD for a pack of 6), ready-made fresh sandwiches (from BD) and summery snack packs of vegetable battons (from BD for 100 g). All are pre-packed for your convenience and perfect when partnered with peanut butter or hummus for an extra energy kick.

 Al Jazira’s  range of deliciously light mmmmayos are simply sensational

Our deliciously light range of Mmmazola mayonnaises includes a variety of gourmet flavor combinations.
Try the burger mmmayo, an innovative blend of gherkin, dill, tomato and onion, dollop spoonfuls of seafood mmmayo over prawns, or serve our wasabi mmmayo with grilled steak, seared tuna or sushi.
Similar to aïoli, the roast garlic mmmayo begs for partnering with grilled chicken on an open rye sandwich or use as a dip for hand-cut chips.