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With a growing variety of artisanal honeys - bearing the flavors of fruits, herbs, spices like vanilla or cardamom, or even white truffle - it's more tempting than ever to share in the nectar of the gods. Al Jazira’s own Netcaflor range- direct from the clean, fresh Alps of Switzerland are natures best!

Honey is made by honeybees using nectar collected from flowers in bloom. The type of flower affects the color, flavor and consistency of the honey.

The following badger-friendly varieties are available from Al Jazira:


Orange-blossom honey:

Orange-blossom honey is produced in flowering orange orchards and has a delicate orange flavor and aroma.

  • Warm with white balsamic vinegar and pour over watercress and sliced avocado
  • Mix with garlic, lemon juice and chili, and pour over lamb cutlets before grilling.
Blue-gum honey:

Blue-gum honey comes from the flowers of eucalyptus trees and has a distinctive malty taste.

  • Melt with butter and seeds of a vanilla pod, pour over steamed prawns.
  • Pour over Camembert, grill until it bubbles, and serve with Melba toast
Subtropical honey

Subtropical honey is a blend of orange blossom, litchi and aloe or acacia honey, which has a fruity aromatic flavor.

  • Stir-fry slices of beef fillet with soya, grated ginger and honey. Add fresh coriander and serve.
  • Pour over chicken breasts and toss in chopped almonds before grilling.